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What is an air pressure test and why do you need one?

Air Tightness Testing is a way of measuring the amount of conditioned air that is unintentionally lost from the inside of a dwelling, other names for this are air leakage or air infiltration. This is due to unsealed gaps or cracks aka draughts within the thermal envelope of the property.

Under PAS2035 a test of the air permeability of the building envelope may be useful irrespective of the assessed level of risk, and should be carried out at the discretion of the Retrofit Coordinator. Where the retrofit design includes any energy efficiency measures for the improvement of the building fabric (e.g. insulation, air-tightness, replacement windows) and/or a ventilation upgrade, it shall also include an appropriate air-tightness standard for the dwelling after the work has been completed, and a requirement for the Retrofit Installer to demonstrate compliance with the air-tightness standard by means of an approved test, e.g. fan pressurization testing in accordance with Measuring air permeability in the envelopes of dwellings

The Retrofit Coordinator should consider the strategy for air-tightness testing, particularly where the dwelling shares envelope with another, i.e. in terraces or multi-residential buildings. In the case of a building containing multiple dwellings (e.g. a high-rise residential block), it may be sufficient to test a sample of the dwellings including an example of each dwelling type in the building. However, in a small block of flats or maisonettes it may be more practical to pressurize the whole block because treating each flat individually would require multiple sets of equipment to pressurize adjacent units and avoid a misleading test result.

Under PAS 2035 Intermediate monitoring and evaluation post installation air tightness testing (if an air-tightness standard was specified, improvement measures that might have affected air-tightness were installed or there is any evidence of condensation or mould.

Each test is completed in strict accordance with a standardised methodology detailed within a Technical Guideline known as ATTMA TSL1 Measuring Air Permeability of Building Envelopes (Dwellings) by our accredited Air Tightness Contractor.

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