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What is a Floor Plan and why do you need one?

Personalised bespoke designs by our in house graphic designer (free of charge). These include Fire Zone Plans, Estate Agent Particulars 2D and 3D, Council HMO Licencing floor plans, Land Registry Plans. We like a challenge so if you have any type of floor plan requirements we believe we can meet your needs to the highest standard possible.

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Fully Qualified Designer

Our fully qualified in house designer will assist you with the creation of your bespoke floor plans.

Tailored to your business colours

Our designer will provide you with multiple design options, giving you range of concepts to choose from.

Quick & Quality Turnaround

We pride ourselves on our excellent turnaround time, once designs are signed off we deliver the plan within 72 hours.

Our Service

Working with Enviro AC

Simply call with your requirements and a member of our team will then visit your site taking the appropriate measurements for our designer to create your floor plan.

Our in house fully qualified designer boast a degree in design and has over 15 years’ industry experience creating floors plans. You will be provided with a completed plan to your requirements between 24 to 72 hours dependant on the plan complexity. Prices start at £20 and will change dependant on complexity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a floor plan important?

Floor-plans are often the first thing people look at on property particulars, a good floor-plan might be the difference between viewing a property or not. For Fire floor-plans can be essential for your employees in case of an emergency. With HMO licences floor-plans having a good quality plan helps both you and environmental health have clarification on your property to help achieve the licence requirements.

What makes a good floor plan?

We give clear accurate floor-plans, whether you want to scale or not we will give you the representation you want.

Does it help me sell?

Yes absolutely in a competitive housing market, and with the internet allowing so many different options, having a standout plan can really help.

How much does a good floor plan cost?

Our floor planning costs start at £20.

What is the difference between and architectural drawing and a floor plan?

Architecture plans are regulated with specific rules and must be done by a trained architect. Floorplans are just a representation of a property whether to scale or not.