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What is a retrofit assesor and why do you need one?

The main role of the Retrofit Assessor will be to visit the property and prepare a report in-line with the needs of the Retrofit Coordinator’s requirements. These assessment paths determine the level and types of information the Assessor will be required to gather and include in their report.

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Working with Enviro AC

Enviro AC have in house retrofit assessors who will contact the client and arrange to visit the property. The process of the assessment is to look at the history and condition of a building, and its suitability for improvement, all analysed systematically.  This type of analysis helps to establish the condition of the building and to identify defects and performance failures. It also establishes how defects have arisen and identifies the work that should be carried out not only to repair them and restore performance, prior to retrofit, but also to prevent them from recurring. It is important when a dwelling is assessed for retrofit, and when improvement options are evaluated, that the dwelling is treated as a system comprising the building envelope (or building fabric), the building services (ventilation, heating, hot water, lights and appliances), any LZC technologies or ‘renewable energy systems’, and also the behaviour of the occupant. The occupants are key elements of the system because they require certain conditions for comfort, they also operate energy-using lights and appliances; and give off heat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a Retrofit Assessor?

A Retrofit Assessor is needed to complete a retrofit measure such as insulation or heating upgrades under PAS 2035. He is commissioned by the retrofit coordinator.

Is a Retrofit Assessor required?

The requirement for a Retrofit Assessor comes into effect on the 30th June 2019.

What is the cost of a Retrofit Assessment?

We have an in-house team of retrofit assessors and coordinators which grants us efficiencies in service and enables us to offer savings on to the customer.

Who conducts a Retrofit Assessment?

In order for anyone to carry out a Retrofit Coordinator risk assessment they must be a fully qualified retrofit assessor. Enviro AC have several retrofit assessors so are able to cater from one survey up to large scale retrofit programmes.

How long will it take?

The retrofit assessment once commissioned by the retrofit coordinator we aim to have the report produced within 24 hours.