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What is a Fire Risk Assessment and why do you need one?

Not everyone understands the importance of fire safety measures, and fire risk assessments are often overlooked. Fire risk assessments are the cornerstone of any good fire safety plan. Avoiding the potential of any building been exposed to unnecessary risk and potential loss of life. Every block of flat and business premises requires a fire risk assessment by law.

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17 Years Experience

Our agents have over 17 years experience in the industry, fire training, installation, maintenance and systems.

FIA Trained

Our agents are fully qualified and accredited with relevant certifications from the Fire Industry Association.

24 Hour Turnover

You will be provided with a personalised bespoke risk assessment for your property within 24 hours.

Our Service

Working with Enviro AC

All we ask of the landlord is that our assessor can have access to all areas of the property, our agents will provide you with a bespoke fire risk assessment catered for your property, highlighting any hazards/risks found as well as recommendations on how to reduce the risk.

Each risk assessment will take at least an hour, depending on property size and prices range from £70 – £800, we will try and beat any quotations you have previously recieved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment helps avoid the potential of any loss of life or any part of the building being exposed to unnecessary risk. Every block of flats and business premises require one by law.

What is Involved in a fire risk assessment?

A responsible and dedicated person must carry out a regular review of the premises and fire risk assessments. This will involve:Identifying the fire hazards.Identifying people at risk.Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks.Record findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide training.

What are Common Fire Hazards?

Smoking, heating, extension leads, chargers, cooking, candles.

What is a Fire Hazard?

Something that has the potential to accidentally cause a fire or cause injury in an event of a fire.

What is my responsibility as a Landlord?

Every block of flat and business premises requires a fire risk assessment by law.

Do I need a fire risk assessment for an office?

Any business which has 5 or more people must keep a written record of your fire risk assessment.

How Much does it cost?

From £70 - £800 depending on property and size we will try and beat any price.