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What is a retrofit coordinator and why do you need one?

A Retrofit Coordinator is a specialist retrofit project manager, taking overall responsibility for overseeing the assessment of dwellings, the identification, specification and evaluation of energy efficiency measures for installation at a given dwelling as a single project and their subsequent monitoring and evaluation.

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Working with Enviro AC

One of our team of fully qualified retrofit coordinators will arrange a suitable date and time with the client to discuss the PAS 2035 process, and what part the coordinator plays in the retrofit process. After this initial discussion, a plan of action can be formulated by the retrofit coordinator so that the successful installation of improvement measures can be made to meet the objectives by promoting and defining technically robust and responsible “whole-building” domestic retrofit work, i.e high quality work, that supports:

Improved functionality, usability and durability of buildings;

Improved comfort, health and well-being of building occupants and visitors

Improved energy efficiency, leading to reduced fuel use, fuel costs and pollution (especially greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use);

Reduced environmental impacts of buildings.

PAS 2035 is the over-arching document in the retrofit standards framework.

Finally, once the installation has been completed and the relevant evaluation done the Retrofit Coordinator lodge’s the report on to the Trustmark Government scheme as required to comply with PAS 2035 when carrying out domestic retrofit work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a Retrofit Coordinator?

A Retrofit Coordinator is needed to complete a retrofit measure such as insulation or heating upgrades under PAS 2035.

Is a Retrofit Coordinator required?

The requirement for a Retrofit Coordinator comes into effect on the 30th June 2019.

What is the cost of a Retrofit Coordinator Risk Assessment?

Costs are dependent on the number of measures that are going to be installed and whether Pathway A, B or C.

Who conducts a Retrofit Coordinator Risk Assessment?

In order for anyone to carry out a Retrofit Coordinator risk assessment they must be a fully qualified retrofit coordinator. Enviro AC have several retrofit coordinators so are able to cater from one survey up to large scale retrofit programmes.

How long will it take?

The retrofit coordinator is lead role in the entire installation from its interception right the way through to the commissioning and evaluation.