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What are Deemed Scores and Insulation Surveys?

Energy efficiency is a key part of Government policy for reducing the United Kingdom’s (UK) greenhouse gas emissions. This policy contributes to the Government’s wider commitment to cut greenhouse gases by at least 34% by 2020 and at least 80% by 2050. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO), first introduced in 2013, is an energy efficiency scheme for Great Britain. ECO places legal obligations on larger energy suppliers to deliver energy
efficiency measures to domestic premises, focusing on insulation and heating measures. The ECO3 scheme, which will run until March 2022, will mainly focus on low income and vulnerable households, helping to meet the Government’s fuel poverty commitments. Deemed scores determine the contribution certain measures make towards a supplier’s HHCRO obligation. Deemed scores are fixed scores for each measure type that are determined using three or four variables.

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Working with Enviro AC

One of our team of highly experienced and fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessors can arrange a suitable time and date with the client to undertake an initial Deemed Score Survey on a requested property. Our assessors can determine the appropriate measure type, before identifying the basic attributes of the property on which the measure is being installed.

For insulation measures, these attributes are split into three main variables:
a) the type of property
b) the number of bedrooms in the property
c) the main heating source of the property

For heating measures the main wall type of the property (either solid or cavity) is also considered.

At EnvrioAC we are able to produce an in depth and accurate deemed score survey to be used in line with the ECO3 Scheme.