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What is an Inventory and why do you need one?

An inventory is an itemised document for the landlord and tenant of when they first move into a property itemising all fixtures and furnishings in that property. The inventory report will include interior and exterior photos and descriptions identifying each photo of its wear and tear at the start of the tenancy.

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Low Cost

Our prices for a 3 bedroom property start at £75, with an additional cost of £5 per room after this.

Extensive Reports

One of our agents will provide you with a detailed inventory which includes a full itemised report for the property.

Imagery & Descriptions

We provide interior and exterior imagery with detailed descriptions of the current condition of the inventory.

Our Service

Working with Enviro AC

Upon contacting Enviro AC one of our agents will be in contact within 24 hours to arrange a suitable date and time for the client to carry out the inventory. Access to the property will need to be arranged for our agent to carry out the inventory.

We ask from the client that the property to be ready to as if they where to hand keys over to new tenant and that we have access to all areas should to what they wish to be included on the inventory.

We will then carry out our assessment of the property all with evidence documented on our report of the property including photos and descriptions. With every inventory you will receive a full itemised report detailing all picture and rooms at the property of there fixtures and fittings prior to any tenancy taking place.

Each inventory differs dependant on the size of the property, prices start at £75 from a 3 bedroom property a with an additional £5 per room after this, taking a minimum of 1 hour to complete the inventory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons for getting and inventory done?

An inventory between a landlord and a tenant will protect both sides of the agreement of should a tenant wish to move out it should state within there tenancy agreement to leave the property as to how they moved into ie fixtures, furnishings, walls etc, an inventory will be a valid proof of documentation for both parties should any disputes arise at the end of the tenancy.

Can I do the property inventory myself?

The inventory can be done by landlord but this would only be between them and the tenants and may lead to a conflict of interest with one of our agents we will be able to provide a non-invasive documentation and will be able to provide evidence for both parties.

How much does it cost?

All inventories start at £75 from a 3 bedroom property and £5 added per room after this.

Do I have to be there?

This is entirely up to the client they may wish to be there at the time of the report as the report will need signing as this is all done electronically or if they choose not to be there we can arrange a key collection for the property in question and send the documentation over to sign electronically and have both parties landlord and tenant to sign this.

What is a signed declaration?


How long does it take?

Each inventory differs from the size of the property this can take a minimum of 1 hour upwards.

Can I talk to someone about my report?

Should the landlord wish to discuss details of the report our agents contact details will be on the report- should the tenant wish to speak with someone about their report they will need to go directly to the landlord.