Fire risk assessments what are they?

A fire risk assessment is a document that is required by a company to identify what you need to do as an employer to keep yourself and your employees safe including what necessary precautions need to be taken in order to prevent a fire breaking out in the work place or home. By law you must keep a written documentation of a fire risk assessment if you employ more than 5 people.

Who can carry out fire risk assessments?

Typically any competent person of a company including the owner or an employee can carry out a fire risk assessment however they must be deemed reliable and competent to do this.

What is a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment is a process involving the evaluation of a potential fire, the likelihood of a fire occurring, the hazards that could cause a fire and the outcome should a fire break out in the workplace or home.

Why are they important?

A fire risk assessment is a mandatory and important documentation outlining the hazards, precautions and measures to take to ensure that the workplace/home is deemed safe for the employers and also that the members of the public, should they have access to the dwelling. Failure to undertake necessary measures of the fire risk assessment or failure to produce/provide a fire risk assessment and regulations can result in serious penalties or imprisonment.

How often does a fire risk assessment need to be carried out?

There are no guidelines to state how often a fire risk assessment needs to be carried out however these do need to be kept up to date should there be any new appliances, equipment, fixtures and furnishings in order for your company to be deemed as a safe place to work and up to date with their records.

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