What are Business Utilities?

Business Utilities for Both Gas & Electricity is very much similar to your domestic utilities however they are bespoke and tailored to your business and consumption, these can vary with different suppliers. There are hundreds of suppliers out there that are all competing for business meaning it can be very time consuming and tiring searching for the best prices possible for your business.

Why are they important?

Business gas and electricity rates are important to every company just as they are important to your home, everybody wants to save money. Whether you are a small or large enterprise there is always room for improvement on your utility costs and savings, searching the market for the best rates and prices out there will help you fulfil this.

How often do they need to be done?

Business rates are under fixed contracts varying from a 1 – 5 year fixed term. If you are a new business and have just moved into a premise you will need to search the market straight away as the previous owner will of notified their current supplier that they are no longer responsible for the utilities within that dwelling, making their contract null and void. This will result in you being on ‘out of contract rates’ which are quite high until you have arranged a fixed contract on better rate with everything transferred over to your business. Because of these increased costs it should be on your list of things to do straight away.

If you are a company that has been trading for a while and under a fixed contract already you will generally have a 6 month renewal period prior to the end of your contract allowing you to search the market for lower rates and potentially save money moving forward, this allows you to lock in that days market price for your next contract ready for when your current contract ends. As been specialised in the market and working on behalf of the suppliers we are able to do the hard work for you, as there are many suppliers out there having to contact each of them can become very time consuming and stressful, having to start a bidding war in order for you to obtain the best prices and savings for your company. We can do this for you and come back to you with the great news that we have saved you time and money.

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